When Paths Cross

Posted Sep 14, 2020

Kathryn and Denis grew up in the same town never knowing the love of their lives was so close.  Different schools limited their opportunity to meet as they grew up.  A chance meeting in adulthood brought them together and they never looked back.

A weekend sail viewing picturesque lighthouses on a boat ride just for two led to Denis on one knee and Kathryn uttering a yes that no girl could refuse.  Their intimate story continued from there as a dream wedding unfolded at the beautiful Elm Bank gardens in Wellesley MA.

Kathryn selected a stunning spot in the gardens under a beautiful tree. Flowers arrangements for the big day were lovingly put together by Kathryn and her mom.  Beautiful birdcage and candle decor was also carefully crafted by Kathryn . The light on their big day was divine and this was the perfect complementary backdrop.

This little corner nestled beautiful into a larger landscape.  It suited a wedding with enough guests for Denis and not too many for Kathryn.  She would have preferred simply the two of them. I seriously understand this one!  I believe I tried to get out of my own wedding vows (with a whopping 24 guests) right in the middle of my ceremony.  Kathryn and Denis both completed their personal vows with grace. 

After a first kiss to remember we wandered off for some gently posed photographs in the garden's vast space.  Not too many for Denis and just enough for Kathryn.  The balance and compromise between these two shines through.  A perfect foundation for marriage!

After an easy going cocktail hour the happy couple headed into the city for more private photos and a family dinner by the water.  Their day was simply stunning and heartwarming all around.

Kathryn and Denis, I wish you many more years of love, faith, and compromise.  Keep on loving each other, even in those times when it's not easy.  Hang onto these moments and cherish each other.