Our Top 5 First Dance Song Picks

Posted Jan 22, 2019

The first dance always gets us!  Here are a few of our favorites.

1. Making Memories of Us – Keith Urban

I have to go number one with my own first dance song, right?  This one is chock full of promises for a life long love.  It’s really a second set of vows right in first dance form.  

2. Love me Tender – Elvis Presley , or Norah Jones

I’m often one to not stray from the classic, but I actually walked down the aisle to the Norah Jones version.  This one is simple but meaningful.  Easy to sing over and over again as you later go through your day to day lives.

 Love me Tender also makes a great father daughter or mother and son dance too. Think about it! This one could you carry you through the generations.

3. Forever and Ever Amen – Randy Travis 

Another song chock full of reminders of long life of love.  This one’s more upbeat for the couple who wants to keep things moving around the dance floor.  We bet half your guests will be singing along too. 

4. Into the Mystic – Van Morrison 

Not overplayed, but recognizable.  Perfect balance here.  I know when my husband comes through the front door at night I am immediately filled with joy.  ( The dog beats me ever so slightly to him)  This song displays those simple sentiments that mean so much.


5. Crazy Love – Van Morrison

For the couple that will sing to each other the whole time, you know the ones, this tune is perfect.  

The best first dance song advice I can give you?  Don’t stray from who you are.  Try it out just the two of you in the kitchen.  If you can’t picture the song in just that way for the next 50+ years, it probably isn’t the best choice for you.