Tips for Papa Bears While You Wait

Posted Jan 03, 2020

Know When it’s Really Not You. 

It’s her hormones. Really. And when baby throws a tantrum or your teen for that matter - it won’t be you either.

Take a Class!

No, not just a birthing class. Try a photography class if you haven’t picked up your  dslr in a whole. You’ll be surprised how easily those semi manual modes translate directly to your needs with little ones. While you’ll want alto on hand for many occasions- we won’t always be there for those first steps or first tastes of sweet potatoes.

Take Her Photo. 

Mama may not be feeling her prettiest, or maybe she is embracing her glow. Either way this little window is flying by (at least if morning sickness has calmed). Take time to document. 

Pack the Little Things in Your Hospital Bag Early. 

Not only will you be ahead of the game, but remember those hormones?  Staying on top of things will help keep your main lady calm. And yes she really is worrying about your toothbrush and clean underwear count at 2am.

Read Up

Educate yourself on what you are both going through as early as you can. If you wait you may find great ideas falling into the “would have, could have, should have” bucket. Many books go week by week so it isn’t too overwhelming. If you’re not able to catch up on reading make sure you trust mama to be. Likely she’s reading all of the time. If she wants to try probiotics for heartburn go ahead and let her try.