Tips for Mama Bears While You Wait

Posted Jan 15, 2020

Don’t Dwell On or Feel Guilty about Morning Sickness

If you know you’re expecting a little one early enough go ahead and store some soups and meals in the freezer. Even if you aren’t up to eating then it may make you feel better if your honey doesn’t need to stress when morning sickness keeps you out of the kitchen. On the days you need last minute help don’t dwell on it. In a few weeks this phase, with any luck, will feel super short lived. 

Don’t Panic if Clothing Doesn’t Fit

Some items may be out of rotation fairly early when your little one is sitting rather low inside of you. Stick to loose tops in the beginning and don’t try to cram into anything. If investing in a good pair of maternity leggings makes you feel better go for it. You may head back into some pre-baby items as your bump moves up, but you will of course need the essentials.

Don’t Leave Dad out of the Photos

We know it’s all about mom. Your main guy is hearing this everywhere. Don’t forget you’re not doing this alone. Make sure papa bear makes an appearance in maternity and cute bump pictures. 

Maybe You Can’t do Everything Now, But You Can Organize Now

Baby books and baby albums are great, but also a lot of work. If you can’t get to them consistently and nearly makes sure you organize photos on your desktop or phone and simply gather dated notes or feelings in a plain journal or notebook.

The first few months of gathering items can be overwhelming. You may not have a nursery or even furniture yet. Designate an area in your home to keep all of the items you’re stocking up on and put smaller items into plastic bins. 

Get Strict Now

Don’t spring a bunch of new rules on your parents, in-laws, or even yourself once the baby comes. If you have made decisions on certain parenting styles or investments you will or will not be utilizing it is best to communicate so everyone gets used to the idea. This is particularly helpful if other little ones have already joined the family under a different set of rules. No you don’t have to do everything the way your sister does, but this could surprise people more than you think.