Throwback: A Micro-Wedding....Before the Trend

Posted Jul 19, 2021

2020...2020 forced some Micro-Weddings on us.  But the beauty of a Micro-Wedding is that it can be so powerful and meaningful.  Funds are spent where they matter to a couple.  Guest lists are kept drama free.

I had a Micro-Wedding myself.  No word for it at the time...but we did it all the same.  I will share soon. But the thing is we didn't feel comfortable staying local...and by local I mean New England at all.  We felt obliged to invite far to many people in that context.

Michelle and Josh didn't give into this pressure and I am so excited to share their big day as a throw back Thursday before Wedding Season takes us over. 

Michelle and Josh prepared for their special day at the Seabreaze Inn and Middleton Rhode Island.  This stunning spot is a cozi bnb that brought back many genuine honeymoon memories for me from out time in Greece.  The owners were kind and heartfelt.  Yes, even to me...a photographer just there for a couple of hours.  This venue is on the list of places I will never forget and I will be sure to re-visit with my own family.

Michelle enjoyed a lovely afternoon of quiet time with her mom and sister before her dad joined us to take her over to their venue.  Dad whisked her off in his mini-van (we all spent a lot of time their later traveling to special spots for photos).  The venue, Colt State Park, was simply stunning and showcased nature which Josh deeply loved.

Details of the special day were well thought out and beautifully showcased.  This wedding was small but not lacking in anything.  Heart was all around.  Michelle spun around for a private first dance and showcased here "something blue"...her beautiful shoes.  I took time to capture all of the jewelry and items on this special day.

Michelle and Josh enjoyed a small quiet dinner among family after their ceremony and photos.  A special day and all in all what the wanted. No re-do. No fuss

Micro-weddings have always been for those who wanted them.  If 2020 gave us anything I hope it is a celebration of these small days.  They are small but full of heart...always.