The Ladies Guide to Environmental Headshots and Branding Images

Posted Feb 17, 2020

1. Areas for Photos

If possible select multiple "vignettes" or areas of your space to be photographed in. This helps provide variety both in our posing options and in the use of your final selections.  If you wish to have photos showcasing a large area around you - make sure that area is presentable.

2. Keep it Clutter-Free

Our initial setup should ideally be ready to go upon the photographer's arrival.  Have a few items out in areas where you will be photographed.  Positionng items such as vases, floor lamps, or area rugs into the areas where you will be photographed helps to add interest and colors to the photos without adding overwhelm. Keep some extras on hand in case you would like to swap them out.

If your desk typically has stacks of paperwork or files move them aside if possible, but if you feel its the best reflection of you or your environment, feel free to keep them close at hand. We can certainly ad them in.

3. Take Advantage of Window Light

If you work in an area with ample light try to choose areas where chairs and other posing implements can be positioned towards the light.

4. Keep Clothing Simple

If large patterns or florals are what you typically wear feel free to select one or two outfits showcasing this, however these types of patters can overwhelm, particularly if they are not in sync with your space.  Simple clothing is typically best.

5. Utilize Layers

Removing or adding a sweater or blazer throughout your session can act as a quick and easy "change".  This provides variety to your final selection of images.  Scarves and jewelry changes can also be great.

6.  Avoid Thin Stripes

These can photographer poorly or cause issues with the camera's sensor as we capture your photo.  Have you ever seen a slight colorful blurring on the television if your local weatherman is sporting a striped tie? It is the same idea.

7. Keep Makeup Natural

If you typically sport brighter or more adventurous makeup by all means go ahead, however if you are typically neutral or wear minimal makeup this is not the time to test out a new shade of red or extreme gloss.  If you are not the type to wear eye shadow or blush I would recommend adding just a touch.

8. As You Are

If you often showcase glasses or a particular watch etc. you will want to have these items on hand even if you do not wish to wear them for all of your photos

9. Your Tools

Do you operate with a laptop, notebook, or other professional tool? You may want some images that showcase this as a reflection of you "at work".  Keep in mind these tools may be showcased both as part of a full body or 3/4 length shot as well as closer detail shots. If images of your hands writing or working will be captured be sure that you are showcasing either clean or freshly manicured nails.

10.  Get Comfortable

If you are the type to curl up in a big comfy chair as you work or meet with clients, lets do it!  We operate with gentle posing to enhance images. We can always give more guidance for those who feel they need it, however natural is always best.