So It's Time For a Honeymoon?

Posted Feb 06, 2020

Honeymoon advice 

Book in Advance, But With Care 

You’re excited and you’d love to start hashing out all of the details. Of course you do!  Make sure you look into travel insurance as well as what it really covers. If there is a chance you may become pregnant before travel this is something to consider. Job changes after you’ve booked a big trip are also important to think about. If you do change jobs it’s best to immediately point out a trip that is already arranged and paid for.  Some companies may make allowances around time off accruals or blackout dates. 

Don’t Rely Solely on Guided Tours But Don’t Forget Them Entirely 

Nothing is worse than traveling to a beautiful place only to return home with photos taken only through glass. Immerse yourself in your location of choice (safely of course) but do find a few guided adventures that spark your interest. If you’re looking to book food tours or outdoor adventures do build these into your itinerary ahead of time. Anything with limited capacity may be sold out when you arrive to your destination. Plus who wants to waste time on such a special trip? 

Take Pictures of and With Each Other 

The scenery may be stunning or historic but make sure you remember who you’re with! Take photos of adventures and fancy dinners along the way. If you have time why not hire a local photographer to capture some of these memories for you?  Sites like flytographer.commake finding a local photographer who available on your travel dates easy. 

It’s Your Trip 

You’re going to get lots of advice from folks who love your location. Take only what feels good to you. You’re also going to get lots of sneers and disinterest from those who would never book a comparable trip. This doesn’t matter at all. 

Yes it Can Rain on Your Honeymoon 

It could rain and that’s ok. Many hotels have umbrellas to offer in this case , but packing a small foldable umbrella is great as well. A light sensible rain jacket in warm regions as well as sensible shoes are must haves. You’d rather pack them than find yourself slipping and sliding in flip flops or heals. 

A Spade Isn’t Always a Spade 

When traveling out of the country take note of how the rating systems on hotels really work. Finding great deals on 5 star hotels?  That could be fantastic, but what if they run off of an 8 star system?  That could be something else entirely

Pictures on the Menu Aren’t Appetizing 

If you’re traveling out of the country it may seem easier to order from a location that will simply let you point to a meatball or a panini. It might be easy but it’s not a true reflection of the authentic cuisine. Here you have fallen into a tourist trap. Read other travelers reviews of places where waiters were accommodating to American tourists. Jot down a few key phrases of things you do and do not or rely on an app like google translate. 

Safety is Key

Read regional warnings on how pick pockets etc. operate or what scams you may find. Trust the information given to you by certified tour guides as well. Note I did not say simply listen to your mother in law. She’s probably exaggerating. Learn several key phrases Incase you are ever in danger. 

Don’t Live in Your Phone or Even in Your Camera 

Set expectations back home on if you will or will not be communicating. I recommend a photo to parents once or twice a day or to one designated person who spreads word for you that you are ok. Alert anyone you are contacting if you will be unavailable or out of range for a period of time. Your honeymoon isn’t the time for Instagram or other social media. Take advantage of #latergram once you’re settled back home. Live in the moment. Look up. Breathe everything in. Know what your honeymoon felt like. Recall what the pastries were like when something comes close years later. 

Spoil Yourselves 

Book a spa day. Go for the pricey wine. Invest in art to bring home. It’s a good rule of thumb to budget more than recommended so you simply don’t need to worry about some of these splurges. Book far enough out to do some extra saving or put some wedding gift money right towards this trip. 


Kiss a lot. Or whatever...
But seriously don’t overbook yourself so that there simply isn’t time. Even if you need to allow for an extra day to squeeze it all in make sure you have time to enjoy each other.