Self Image Reimagined- Coming April 16, 2016

Posted Feb 07, 2016

Ladies, how many stupid times a day are we doing something because it is supposed to please someone else? So much of the time we are putting effort towards something mainly to please some man. But really, did your boyfriend, husband, lover, boss…anyone really ever tell you that rolling out of bed and spending an hour primping your hair and throwing on the perfect shade of lipstick was a requirement? Likely not. Society has convinced us of this all on its own.

This spring lets take the standard image of boudoir and throw it out the window. Let’s focus on our self image and not the image we are told men expect. How about we explore something that society tells us is “for men” but we do it just for us? Just to remember that our bodies and our image belong to us no matter who we may share them with.

Now if eyeshadow and blush makes you feel good…. do it! But if not how about we forget it just for a minute? Let’s push out of our comfort zones and do something just for us. Let’s take some time to roll around in our undies and love our bodies for just what they are and nothing we are trying to convince ourselves they are.

On April 16th we will be hosting our first ever “Self Image Reimagined- Boudoir Marathon”

Join us for an afternoon designed to make you feel sexy just being YOU- not some made up version of you.

XO-  Laurelle