But isn’t Boudoir a Dirty Word?

Posted Oct 29, 2017

If I sign up for a boudoir session will it be all nudes and lingerie?

No. It’s whatever you want it to be.  Over the top sexy…sure.  Just a little flirty?  We can do that too. Anything that makes you feel sexy goes- there are no rules!

The Little Black Book:

Most ladies walk away from their session with an album of images “for his eyes only”.  This can include images in intimate or little attire as well as lounging in his favorite t-shirt.  Don’t forget that your guy loves you not just for the sultry, but for the sweet moments too.

Subtle Moments:

I encourage clients to explore some outfits and poses that can safely be displayed within their homes.  Why hide everything away?  Surprise your guy not just with a secret book, but with a beautiful canvas that he can view whenever he wants.  That flirty look will remind him daily of why he loves you. 

Are you Ready?

No matter where you are in life,a newlywed,a new mom, or an empty nester- you will never be in this moment again.  I use boudoir sessions as a tool to allow women to celebrate themselves right now.  You do not need to lose weight or force yourself to do anything you are not comfortable with.  You are perfect just the way you are.

  Are you ready to invest in artwork that celebrates YOU?  Reach out today.