10 Things Brides Regret

Posted Jul 23, 2021

As a wedding photographer I used to always think I had seen "it all"...the truth is I just never will. My job is full of joys and romance, but sometimes the hard parts are really showcased for me. In the best of cases I can walk a client through the hard parts, but sometimes it's too late.  To help anyone navigate some common wedding day regrets I have compiled a list of what clients have told me over the past decade.

Client Regrets

10. No Photo List

Oh the tiny details you ma forget!  We of course have on you on your rings...florals...cuff links and bowties.  Your shoes, your veil, the look in mama's eyes.  But there are always other things.  Your cousin who wore a special momento that celebrated your childhood.  Dad's tie that meant more than we could know.  Mom's ring that has been passed for generations.  Your neice running around in a family dress.  You get me...if it could mean something to someone who it crucial in your big day, let us know!  

Also let us know who to "call up"! Maybe it's all family.  Maybe your college friends spend half the week driivng to your special day.  Let's get thm in the photos!  We are willing to capture it all...but we need to know.

9. Tell us Who to be Stern With

My mother in law tried to mimic my wedding day hair on my wedding day...#facts. And really this doens't mean I hate my mother in law. She has my child right now. But in all of the event excitement there are certain people who try to gain control where it does not belong.  Checks and balances guys! They matter in business, they matter in weddings.  Tell us where they are needed.  No judement.

8. Ground Rules for the Wedding Party

Knock it off with mimosas...seriously please eat...don't cancel on hair and makeup last minute OR don't try to get hair and makeup to squeeze you in last minute.  Vendors will try so hard to accomodate anything in order to avoid stressing a bride out, but at the end of the day we can all work togehter in a far more peaceful workflow if we communicate before hand on all levels.

7. Hair and Makeup Trials

Even with the best vendors, you need this.  It boils down to personal preferences and style.  Making sure you're on the same page makes the whole day go more smoothly. No touch ups based on too much or too little application for your own taste.  It matters!

6. No Transportation

Are you having a limo or service transport you?  Who is welcome...and is it taking EVERYONE back to their cars.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen a wedding limo take the whole bridal party to a ceremony and/ or reception...only to drive the happy couple to their honeymoon and leave the others in the dust.  Make sure your parents and bridal party have a clear transportation plan through the whole event.

5. Too Much to Drink

Those mimosas with breakfast?  All too often I see bridal parties or family members drinking them like they are straight orange juice.  This can be hardest on someone who truly does not drink often and tensions could run very high. Being mindful of your audience with an open bar is also so important.

4. Not Letting go fo the Little Things

For many reasons tensions can run high on a wedding day. Giving into fights vs. walking away can make a tender process so stressful.

3. No Hair and Makeup Trial

Loving your vision for hair and makeup and loving the final product can be very different things.  A trial can help you to make changes without panicking.  

2. Not Securing Vendors Promptly

A big stressor can be avoided if all of your ducks are in a row as soon as possible.  Waiting can cause concerns about availability or lead to budgeting surprises.

1. Not Having an Unplugged Ceremony

Well meaning family members can feel they are just taking photos for their own memories, but so often they may be in the back ground of your professional photos or worse, in front of your photographer. Many couples do opt for an unplugged ceremony, but it's important to think about some other moments such as your special dances and cake cutting.